InfiRay MATE MAL25 Termoklamber


  • Reception distance 1298m
  • Zoom helps you avoid a blurry image
  • Forest, Plains and City image processing modes
  • Protection class IP67

InfiRay MAL25 is a Mate series thermal pad. The MATE series pads are designed with a new high-performance thermal detector with a thermal sensitivity (NETD) of 30 mK. These thermal pads have a high image resolution. The MAL25, when paired with even high-magnification scopes, produces no blurry images and ensures no image distortion. See objects easily, even when there are obstacles in the field of view, such as bushes, tall grass or fog. InfiRay MAL25 reception distance is up to 1298 m. Adapt to the landscape with Forest, Plains and City image processing modes that help adjust to ambient light and improve visibility.

InfiRay Mate MAL25 optinio taikiklio priedėlis InfiRay Mate MAL25 optinio taikiklio priedėlis

Wireless remote control
The wireless remote control provides great comfort for easy control of the thermal pad. For convenient control, the InfiRay wireless remote control can be mounted anywhere on the weapon that is convenient for you.
InfiRay Mate MAL25 optinio taikiklio priedėlis valdymo pultas InfiRay Mate MAL25 optinio taikiklio priedėlis valdymo pultas

Impact resistant
The MATE series optical sight mounts are designed using a new magnesium alloy material that reduces the weight of the device by 50% and improves the strength of the structure by 60% to ensure the connection is resistant to heavy impacts. Thanks to its shock resistance, the MATE series accessories meet the 1MOA standard.

Ultra-clear function
The mode is designed to improve the image in bad weather such as heavy fog or rain. The mode increases the detail of the device, highlights the contours of the heat-emitting object.

Video recording
InfiRay MAL38 has 32GB internal memory. There is an integrated Wi-Fi module.

32gb photo video wifi

Protection class IP67
You can safely use the device in any weather. The case is resistant to moisture, short-term immersion in water and is impervious to dust and other dirt.

Laser range finder ILR-1200-2 (optional)
The MATE series mounts can be equipped together with the ILR-1200-2 laser range finder. Distance measurement up to 1200m. The ILR-1200-2 laser rangefinder has a built-in 18650 battery that can also be used as a power-bank, which would extend the battery life of the MATE pads by another 5 hours.

range finder nuotolio ieškiklis

Technical data

Model MAL25
Sensor resolution 384×288
Pixel size, μm 12
Thermal sensitivity (NETD), mk ≤30
Frame rate, Hz 50
Objective lens, mm 25
Recommended optical sight magnification

G1/G2/G3/G4 :1 – 5

Field of view (FOV), °10.6 × 7.9 / 18.4 × 13.8
As clipon: ×1
As monocular: ×1/×2/×4
Detection distance, m
(target size 1.7 m×0.5 m, P(n) = 99%) 1298
Screen type OLED
Screen resolution 1024×768

Battery life (t=24°C), h 4,5
Additional working time (after connecting the attached external battery) (t=24°C), h +7.5
Security class IP67
Color palette Color palette White hot, black hot, red hot, colorful
Weight, g ≤460
Size, mm 132 × 62 × 68
Interface Type-C
Point of aim, MOA 1.5
Ring M52×0.75