Soojuskaamera NV2


  • 200m Long-Range Vision】InfiRay NV2 Automotive AI Night Vision System has an impressive 200m extended night vision, providing clear visibility comparable to daytime even during nighttime driving. The NV2 effortlessly handles various adverse weather conditions such as pitch darkness, glare, fog, and rain or snow, significantly enhancing driving safety.
  • 【0.1s Ultra-Responsive Technology】The NV2 automotive night vision makes high-frequency decisions every 0.04 seconds, achieving a 0.1s prompt warning, and a 2-3s advance perception of potential hazards. This allows you to detect pedestrians and animals suddenly appearing on the road in advance.
  • 【Three-Tier AI Collision Warning】The NV2 rapidly and accurately identifies pedestrians, vehicles, animals, and nearly any other potential hazards on the road. It highlights close-range targets with color emphasis and provides audio as well as visual warnings in green, yellow, and red, ensuring your driving safety.
  • 【Super-Resolution Technology】Utilizing InfiRay MATRIX IV and super-resolution technology, the system upgrades IR resolution from 256×192 to 384×288. It delivers clear and detailed images even in nighttime. InfiRay NV2 is easy to install and offers flexibility in mounting on the grille, license plate frame, or vehicle roof.
  • 【IR-Pilot AI Smart Driving】The NV2 is currently integrated into various renowned vehicles such as the BMW 7 Series and Audi A8. With AI 4 Tops high AI computing power, NV2 can rapidly and accurately analyze the collected signals, achieving timely warnings. It enables you to drive more safely and confidently.