InfiRay SAIM SCD35 päeva-öö optika


  • 850 nm or 940 nm IR illuminator
  • 7 working hours
  • Compact (195 x 61 x 61mm) and lightweight (430g)
  • Three picture modes: day, twilight and night

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]InfiRay Saim SCD35 digital night vision scope. Strong and professional for both day and night use. High resolution 1920×1080 HD CMOS screen ensures high image quality. The scope has increased sensitivity to dark environments and warm objects. The scope shows well even in low light. The InfiRay Saim SCD35 digital night vision scope is much smaller (195 x 61 x 61mm) and lighter (430g) compared to similar scopes.

infiray saim scd35


There is an illuminator

850nm or 940nm IR illuminator is selectable, designed to increase ambient light while remaining undetected. Three adjustable power levels and beam diameter allow you to choose the level of illumination according to the distance to the target or environmental conditions.

Infiray Saim SCD35 IR 940nm 850nm


Three picture modes

Adapt to the environment by choosing the right picture mode to improve your visibility. The colors are visible even in the twilight. Three picture modes: day, twilight and night. “day”, “saulėlydis” is “night”.

PIP Function

Picture-in-Picture improves image clarity by displaying a 2x enlarged image at the top of the screen. This helps you zoom in on the target while maintaining a field of view across the entire screen.

infiray saim scd35 picture in picture vaizdas vaizde pip


Video recording

InfiRay SCD35 has 16 GB internal memory for your captured images, integrated Wi-Fi module, InfiRay Outdoor mobile app is supported.

infiray saim scd35 wifi app


7 hours operation

3 hours running time. With the extended battery compartment of the InfiRay Saim SCD35, using two 16650 batteries, the maximum battery life is extended to 7 hours.

Protection class IP66

You can safely use the scope in any weather. The housing is resistant to moisture, short-term flooding and is impervious to dust and other dirt.

The set includes
Device and its mount, IR illuminator and its mount (850nm / 940nm), IEB 2x 16650 batteries, Type-C interface, lens cloth, warranty card, user manual.

infiray saim scd35 komplektacija contents


Technical data

Model SCD35
Sensor resolution 1920×1080 HD CMOS
Pixel size, μm 4
Objective lens, mm 35
F-number 1.4
Zoom, x 3x ~ 12x
Field of view, ° 8.4° × 6.3°
Digital zoom 1x/ 2x/ 3x/ 4x
Eye exit distance, mm 9.2° × 6.9°
Diopters, D -7 D ~ +3D
Battery type CR123(3.7V) 2x / 16650 2x, 5V (Type C USB), 3.5h(CR123) / 7h (16650)
Detection distance, m 200
Protection class IP66
Internal memory, GB 16
Operating temperature, °C -20°C ~ +50°C
Max. weapon recoil force 1000g/s2
Video resolution 1280×960
Detection distance, m 986
Weight, g 430
Measurements 195 × 61 × 61
IR illuminator 940nm / 850nm, battery type 18650, 1.5w[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]